LAS VEGAS — Pro-Am Sports Medicine, created to become the premier provider of sports medical examinations and injury treatment services, has launched in Nevada. The brand, previously known as Athlete Advantage Medical (AAM), was originally launched to service combat sports fighters and fight organizations by streamlining state required medical examinations and injury treatment in an efficient and cost effective manner. Services include scheduling, conducting and managing the entire medical examination and/or injury treatment process.

“We have always been well known throughout the fight community under Athlete Advantage Medical,” said Chief Executive Officer, James Murphy. “We feel Pro-Am Sports Medicine is a better fit for the name of the company, since we are expanding our services. Our clients and patients will enjoy working with the same dedicated people offering the same services they’ve always counted on us to provide, we are just expanding the scope of our medical care services and the patient groups who will benefit from our services.”

Pro-Am Sports Medicine will provide every athlete, from weekend warrior to world champion, the very best in medical care. The team at Pro-Am Sports Medicine will expedite the entire injury treatment process through their network of dedicated medical providers, all focused on getting their patient athletes back to 100% and to their full potential as quickly as possible. When having injuries treated by the Pro-Am Sports Medicine team, injured parties will be able to have the majority of their care, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond, under one roof and managed by one team.

In addition to expanding services and launching their new brand, Pro-Am Sports Medicine welcomes the newest member to their team, Dr. Jeffrey Davidson. Dr. Davidson is the chief medical doctor in the emergency department at Valley Hospital and serves as chief medical physician for the UFC and its fighters. With over twenty years of experience and knowledge in his profession, the team at Pro-Am Sports Medicine couldn’t be happier to put the care of their athletes with Dr. Davidson.

For more information on Pro-Am Sports Medicine, contact James Murphy, CEO, Pro-Am Sports Medicine at 1-800-674-9515.


Pro-Am Sports Medicine, a premier provider of fight testing services, sports medical examinations and injury treatment services provides a variety of medical services, including athlete examinations, injury treatment, event physician, event medical management, medical claims management and physical therapy for athletes of all ages and skill. Pro-Am Sports Medicine oversees the entire treatment process for athletes and also provides performance-based training and resources for injury prevention and achieving maximum athletic potential. For more information about Pro-Am Sports Medicine, please contact James Murphy at 1-800-674-9515 or visit